Our revised Terms of Use are effective as of August 17, 2017.  The revised Terms of Use include numerous changes from the old version, including organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to present our practices in a way that makes our terms easier to read.

This summary is intended to help you review and understand some of the major changes to our Terms of Use.  However, reading this summary is not a substitute for reading the modified Terms of Use because your use of this website and any associated applications (collectively, the “Site”) will be governed by the revised Terms of Use.  Accordingly, we strongly recommend that you read the full Terms of Use.

The major changes include:

  1. We have expanded the examples of actions you can take with respect to opening, maintaining, and closing your account (“Your Account and Your Services” Section).
  2. We have expanded the examples of inappropriate conduct on the Site and clarified what actions we may take if you violate our Terms (“Your Conduct” Section).
  3. We have expanded the examples of content that are available on the Site and actions you can take to protect your personal information (“Content on the Site” Section).
  4. We have clarified how you can report suspected infringement and how we handle such reports (“Intellectual Property Issues” Section).
  5. We have clarified your indemnification obligations.
  6. We have added dispute resolution provisions, including our preference for informal, cooperative resolution of disputes as well as the addition of arbitration provisions.
  7. We have clarified our policies regarding electronic signatures and notices.