Summary of Privacy Policy Changes

Our revised Privacy Policy is effective as of August 17, 2017.  The revised Privacy Policy includes numerous changes from the old version, including organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to present our practices in a way that makes our policy easier to read. In general, we have tried to be more specific regarding how we collect, use, store, transfer and disclose your personal information.

This summary is intended to help you review and understand some of the major changes to our Privacy Policy.  However, we also recommend you read the full Privacy Policy, since its terms apply to you whenever you view, use, or access this website and any associated applications (collectively, the “Site”).

The major changes include:

  1. We have expanded the examples of personal information you may provide to us, either directly or through your devices, including location data, traffic data, as well as information from technologies such as cookies, flash cookies, and beacons (“What We Collect” Section).
  2. We have clarified when information you provide us might be shared with other of our affiliates, mobile carriers, and other third-parties (“Who We May Share Information With” Section).
  3. We have clarified how you can control use of your personal information and opt-out of certain communications (“How You Can Control Your Privacy” Section).